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Downloading the tachograph and driver card has not been so easy yet!

Because driving time must always be monitored, Tachowork comes with a unique solution consisting of an ecosystem of applications - desktop and mobile, created for both management and drivers

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Avantajele aplicației

Access with a phone

acces din telefon

No longer are needed expensive, complicated and unnecessary devices. The application can be downloaded directly on any Android phone, now you only need accessories!

Unlimited downloads

descarcari nelimitate

Now you can download the driver card and tachograph when and how much you need. You only pay for the active drivers and tachographs.

Without borders and limits

cloud upload

Tachowork downloads the data and saves it to the Cloud. The download is provided by the phone and special accessories. Always accessible, in the field, office or even inside the truck.

Produse oferite

Our products:

Tachowork Company download card

Downloading the driver card and digital tachograph

Tachowork web data management

Analysis and interpretation of downloaded data

Produse în proces de dezvoltare

tachowork driver


Tachowork Driver

Automatic recording and calculation of drivers' working time. No hassle. Just by simply downloading the card.

Misiunea Tachowork

Mission of Tachowork

"To make roads safer."